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Gencer Gökeri Süreyya Gökeri Gencer and Süreyya Gökeri, the owners of Istanbul Imports (established in 1991) have expended their business to bring to Fremont Istanbul Imports and Café Turko. They hope to bring you a truly authentic Turkish experience. The food and the culture offered at Cafe Turko reflect the Turkish respective cuisine, and well known Turkish hospitality.

When guests step into Café Turko they are immediately transported into the midst of the Anatolian, Mediterranean environs. They do not only enjoy the homemade cooking and exquisite tastes, they also get to experience a totally  mystic atmosphere, decor, and fun exceptional shopping.

As a trained and educated teacher, cooking instructor and culinary trip organizer Süreyya brings a vast experience to both food and the ambiance of Café Turko. Gencer brings his retail experience of running Istanbul Imports since 1991: selling Turkish imports, and handmade rug mastery to Café Turko. The Gokeri's with their boys Kaan and Kutay welcome you to their homeland, Turkey in Fremont.

Come by and let us take you to Turkey during your stay…

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Café Turko
900 N. 34th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 284 9954
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Authentic Turkish Restaurant, Tea and Coffee House