Thank you Süreyya, Once again, everybody raved about the food and asked me where it was catered from. There was plenty for everyone, and everything I tried was delicious.

- Mohit Tawar

The Gem in Fremont. What a great experience. The food is wonderful and the husband and wife owners are so nice. They take time to talk to the customers and genuinely seem happy that you are there. I've never been to Turkey but if this is what the food is like, I think I will.

- Patty Bertand

If you are having a party, it's a great idea to stop at Cafe Turko to get an assortment of salads and spreads, Sureyya's seasonal hummus dishes, the roasted eggplant in yogurt sauce, pide, dolmas, etc. They also do catering. Overall, I crush on this local treasure. Not sure if folks know they still have a large retail business in addition to the cafe. I also picked up a gift certificate for Christmas.

- Heather Cameron

All of my senses are engaged as I step into Cafe Turko. As one who has traveled Turkey, I love to visit this cafe to remind me of my travels by the smells, tastes, sounds and touch. The staff is delightful to talk with and hear their stories; they carry their heritage as a gem to share with Seattle.

- Aimee Roof

I cannot recommend this place enough! They had so many vegan options, we didn't even know where to start. Their food was excellent and the spices used were amazing. We enjoyed everything we tried. The staff is super friendly too. We'll definitely be returning.

- Deanne Redr Greaves

Thank you Cafe Turko for catering my daughter”s wedding. What a treat for 200 guests. You did an amazing job with beautiful colors, tastes and textures. Süreyya delivered the food, set up the tables and presented the food in such an elegant manner, accommodated with my last minute changes without a problem. I highly recommend Cafe Turko’s Catering service. Their food is lovely and I was quite happy with all of the praise.

- Lisa Foltz

Great food, great atmosphere, great people. Excellent, we will be back.

- Belgin Jones

The orange one had yam in it. It was like "dessert hummus." The red was beet; the green was spinach, and the bottom one was regular garlic. They were all incredibly, ridiculously tasty. [Rainbow humus]

- Beth Heston

Hello Süreyya, Thank you so much for your wonderful food and very pleasant staff and service. I personally think all of it is absolutely delicious and we will recommend your catering services.

- Shannon Armstrong

UH-MAZING!!!! And I don’t like kale but this is by far the best ever!!! Everything is delish, the vegetarian dish is equally delish! Yummy, thank you!!!

- Monica D. Guillen

If you're looking for a great, inexpensive, warm, inviting place to eat in Seattle, go to Cafe Turko. I can't say enough nice things about this place. We lingered endlessly there today. The food is amazing and the family who owns and runs it couldn't possibly be nicer. I wish they'd adopt me.

- Sandy Stith

Thank you so much for catering for our meeting. the food was a hit and many people asked me who made it and planning on to visiting Cafe Turko now.

- Cilla Scofield

I love Cafe Turko catering so much , it is a pleaSüre to work with Süreyya and her team. Their menu is extensive and they will help you pick just the right menu for your special event. the dishes are beautiful and they are just gorgeous on the table. I have used their catering for several parties and celebrations. They are simply the best.

- Annette Touthonghi

Cafe Turko has provided lunch for entire 45 person start up every week for over 2 years. the employees love it so much that they have fondly coined Tuesdays as “Turko Tuesdays” and it is a day that we will all look froward to. Cafe Turko provides us a wonderfully fresh, balanced and delicious meal each week which is always varied, well spiced, full of in season healthful ingredients. Delivery is always prompt, presentation is beautiful, and quantity is right on. We are so greatl for our weekly Cafe Turko lunches.

- Monica Guillen

The smell of cardamon tea and homemade pastries at Cafe Turko brings me back to the time I spent in Gaziantep, Turkey, a town in Southeastern Turkey considered the country's culinary capital. Come early, settle in at a table near the front window next to the open kitchen, and watch Sureyya and her crew prepare all the traditional dishes. My favorite is the yam hummus.

- Carol Pucci, freelance travel writer.

Süreyya, The food was amazing. Great feedback from everyone. Thank you for coming through on such short notice.

- Donna Mahoney

Dear Süreyya, We got so many compliments on the food. Everything was delicious, and we had enough.

- Chiyo Ishikawa

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