Café Turko is proud to serve homemade fresh desserts everyday. Ask for availability.
Ask for gluten free dessert options.

Vg = Vegetarian
V = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free

Bird’s Nest

(Kunafe with ricotta cheese) Baked shredded wheat nest stuffed with ricotta cheese then drizzled with rich syrup, topped with pistachios.



Turkish chocolate and vanilla halwa.


Ice Cream

Served with Rose Sherbet or Sour Cherry Sauce.

Ask for availability.


Kataif with Turkish pistachios

Shredded wheat dessert with nuts and syrup.

Ask for nut options.


Kemal Pasha

Dough made from fresh cheese, semolina and flour, baked and drizzled with syrup and rose water. Turkish version of Gulab Jamun, in baked form.



Date filled semolina pastry with rose water scent.


Mom's caramelized Orange Delight

Caramelized orange wedges with the aroma of cloves, served with crushed Turkish pistachios and a spoon of kefir cheese.

Ask for availability
V vegan version available



Semolina flour and orange cake with light syrup and coconut sprinkles.


Süreyya’s “No Guilt” Baklawa

Stuffed with walnuts and pistachios.


Turkish Delight

Pieces of Turkish delight of your choice fruit or nut.


Turko Perfect

A plate of selection of 3 favorite desserts of your choice.