Gla Hair Factory: A legitimate checking

Is Gla Hair a scammer? This post checks the credibility of Gla Hair from their manufacturing process, policies, customer service & customer feedback.

Gla Hair Factory is regarded as one of the best European hair extensions suppliers. But is it true or just a bombastic compliment from customers? Let’s find out the truth about the prestige of Gla Hair here!

Overview about Gla Hair Factory

Before checking Gla Hair’s credibility, you can look at some basic information about this hair factory. Gla Hair is known as a leading hair extensions supplier in the Vietnamese hair extensions industry.

The establishment of Gla Hair 

Established in 2013, Gla Hair is a hair extensions supplier located in Vietnam. 

From a small manufacturer in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, they now become a leading hair factory specializing in exporting hair extensions to large and high-fashion hair industries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Nigeria.

Below is the offline hair extension of Gla Hair, they have a factory at Bac Ninh, while their office is located in the capital of Vietnam – Hanoi to get better control on exporting hair extensions, as well as when welcoming wholesalers to come to their office to check products.

Gla Hair act as a factory manufacturing & supplying hair extensions

Gla Hair act as a factory manufacturing & supplying hair extensions

Customers can find their address in: 

  • Factory Address: Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • Office Address: 187, Nguyen Tuan Street, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

Gla Hair’s products and price

Gla Hair’s hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese raw hair and one – donor source, which is the finest hair quality in the market.

Gla Hair Factory can meet the demand of most hair extensions from bulk hair (which is inevitable for vendors and wholesalers), tip in (U,V,I – tip), tape in to bulk hair. Even when customers desire to make unique hair extensions with mixed colors or design, they are free to work. 

The price that Gla Hair offers to customers is competitive when compared to other suppliers in the European hair extensions market. It starts with around $40/100gr hair, which can be explained by direct operating process from collecting hair material, manufacturing hair to selling them to wholesalers. This price level is a competitive hair price level, and customers also get benefits from their promotions if they buy a big order.

Some typical hair extensions items of Gla Hair

Some typical hair extensions items of Gla Hair

Gla Hair is a completely legit European hair extension supplier

To those who wonder about the real experience when buying hair from Gla Hair, this part will prove to you that Gla Hair is a legitimate and credible hair extension.

Transparent real footage published by Gla Hair

On the official website, Gla Hair has released an introduction video of their factory with some manufacturing processes.

Hair at Gla Hair must first be combed and bundled into bundles in order to produce hair extensions, then it is given a thorough wash, customize, and finally completed hair extensions are inspected and packed for shipping to customers. 

This whole strict process is supervised by specialists, ensuring hair extensions arrive to customers with the best quality.

Manufacturing process captured in Gla Hair Factory

Manufacturing process captured in Gla Hair Factory

Gla Hair provides clear and precise policies 

To make clients feel comfortable throughout the purchasing process, Gla Hair has made clear its shopping guide and associated policies to show their care to the customers’ benefit. Their terms are included in these policies:

  • Ordering guide
  • Payment policy
  • Shipping & delivery policy
  • After-sale care and warranty guidelines
  • Privacy policy

These exclusive policies are successfully applied, which clear out many questions and help Gla Hair to set a footprint in the customers’ heart. 

Enthusiastic customer service 

Clients can get in touch with Gla Hair by phone or email using their official contact details. Their customer care representatives are available 24/7 and can reply to inquiries in about 10 – 15 minutes. Below is an example inquiry of customers, and they send the reply message in just 10 minutes, showing the real footage of hair extensions. 

This answer included clear notes that show that Gla Hair is loyal to their customer and try their best to assist customers to satisfy them the most. 

Quick response from Gla Hair consulting team

Quick response from Gla Hair consulting team

Customers’ feedback on products proves the credibility of Gla Hair 

Gla Hair updated much feedback on their website showing reaction of their customer when they receive and use the hair extensions. Their hair extensions receive compliments in the hair texture and high uniformity as well as natural look on users’ hair.


This section has proved that Gla Hair is 100% legitimate and partly explains their reputation in European hair extensions as they take customers and high-quality products to be center.


Some real customer feedback about the product of Gla Hair Factory

Some real customer feedback about the product of Gla Hair Factory


In addition to acting as a facility for the production and export of hair, Gla Hair also stands for the credibility of the Vietnamese hair industry thanks to its superior products that emphasize on making the shopping experience great.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Hotline: (+84) 349008247
  • Whatsapp: 84349008247


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