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Sunny Hair is considered as the best Vietnamese hair manufacturer because of its wide assortment, affordable prices, and high quality. This blog will cover Sunny Hair reviews on their products, price, service, shipping, payment and policy.

Sunny Hair reviews: Introduction to Sunny Hair

One of the top businesses in the women’s hair market in Vietnam is Sunny Hair Vietnam, which was founded at the beginning of 2010. In addition to producing many different types of hair products with different textures, such as wigs, hair bulk, hair extensions, and hair weft, Sunny Hair Vietnam also engages in the export of hair to all nations around the globe. After more than ten years of existence and growth, they are always improving their vision and purpose in order to grow further and take the top spot in the global hair market for hair exports.
Sunny Hair Vietnam is regarded as a trustworthy provider that provides a variety of high-quality hair products at reasonable costs. They are fully capable and confident in their capacity to serve as your most dependable business partner. Let’s explore their primary hair categories in the next part of Sunny Hair Vietnam reviews.

Sunny Hair reviews on their products

According to various Sunny Hair reviews, Sunny Hair offers a wide range of products that meet the customer’s increasing demands for different hair types.

  • Raw hair bundles are the main products of Sunny Hair. They supply Vietnamese raw hair bundles in numerous choices of lengths, colors and textures so customers can choose the best suitable for their needs.
  • Weft hair extensions: Heavy-duty, thick wefts that last for at least a year. This hair item is great for braiding, creating wigs, and pre-bonded hair extensions are bulk hair extensions. wholesale
  • Tape hair extensions are lightweight, simple to apply, and long-lasting. One set of clip-in hair extensions costs 100 grams, and you may choose what to get, the number of pieces you require what length they should be, and how many clips you want to add.
  • I, U, V, and flat tip keratin hair extensions are available from Sunny Hair Vietnam Wholesale Hair Vendor. They are created from solely human hair and have thick ends and premium pre-bonded.
  • Besides, they also provide lace closure and frontal, full lace wigs, 360 frontals and lace front wigs

Comments on Sunny Hair reviews show that they provide a wider variety of high-quality hair than other hair vendors in the same country. They provide premium raw hair from countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, later, and Mongolia. Besides, Sunny Hair also provides a large selection of hair wigs, which is an excellent site to get genuine wigs in a range of sizes and hues because there are only a few Vietnamese businesses that supply wigs.


Sunny Hair products

Sunny Hair reviews on product quality

Product quality is the highlight in most Sunny Hair reviews with many customers praising it.

  • Great volume: Sunny Hair doesn’t scrimp on quantity with their goods. There are enough wefts in each packet to make a complete head of extensions. Additionally, you never have to be concerned about the hair being stringy or false because it is robust from root to end.
  • Texture: The extensions’ grade was likewise outstanding. They blend flawlessly with natural hair and are silky and lustrous.
  • Versatility: Numerous clients commented in the Sunny Hair reviews about how adaptable and simple to care for their hair is. Since they resemble natural hair, they may be colored, curled up straightened out as well as bleached.
  • Durability: This hair seller offers long-lasting hair products that, with proper care, may endure for many years.

You will have the long, full hair you’ve always desired without going broke with Sunny Hair’s extensions. Thanks to positive Sunny Hair reviews, you don’t need to be concerned about the hair’s quality or how long it will last.

Sunny Hair reviews on their price

As a manufacturing company, they make sure to treat every customer fairly and with respect, regardless of whether they are in the wholesale or retail sector. They also provide every customer with the most margin possible with the goal of creating collaboration and fostering long-term relationships. And the price they set for their hair products is proof of that fact.

  • The price begins at $99 for clip-ins.
  • Tape-ins start at $129.
  • Micro-loop pricing begins at $149.

Based on Sunny Hair reviews on price, the pricing will vary according to a variety of variables, such as width, color, and grade. It goes without saying that getting wavy hair or curly hair will cost more than having straight hair and that buying dyed hair or bleached hair will cost more than purchasing natural straight hair.

Sunny Hair reviews on customer service

In addition to offering high-quality hair goods at the finest wholesale prices, they also think that their success in the hair market will be determined by how well they treat the customers. Their knowledgeable and motivated sales staff is available to assist clients around the clock. Many clients say in Sunny Hair reviews that at the time they choose the appropriate hair products, shipment, or problem-solving is committed in the shortest time possible, any request is carefully reviewed. The excellent customer service of Sunny Hair help them set their reputation as one of the best hair factories wholesale.

  • Quick reply: Before clients choose the proper items for their hair, every inquiry is carefully considered.
  • Accuracy: On-time shipping, delivery, or problem-solving is promised.
  • Customer fulfillment remains their top goal, thus all of the sales representatives have received training on the goods and user-understanding techniques to deliver excellent service.

The majority of Sunny Hair reviews say the customer is good, however, some clients may complain about the delayed response time.
What Sunny Hair reviews say about the ordering process.


Some main products of Sunny Hair

What Sunny Hair reviews say about the shopping experience

Many customers have left positive feedback on Sunny Hair Reviews about the ordering process as it’s fast, easy and stress-free.

Sunny hair reviews: The buying process

Here is the process based on Sunny Hair Reviews

  • Enter the website, to search for the goods you desire.
  • Send the name of the final candidate together with a thorough description (texture, length, hue, style, etc.) through email, message, or phone number.
  • Verify your choice of kinds, lengths, colors, and quantities with Sunny Hair staff before making it official.
  • For your reference and payment, they will send an invoice together with the order confirmation.
  • Prior to being sent to Logistics Agency, the purchased item will be checked and appropriately packaged.

Buying hair from a foreign hair vendor such as Sunny Hair is no longer a burden thanks to the easy-to-use website and the clear guidelines, so said the clients in Sunny Hair reviews.

Sunny Hair reviews on ordering process: Making payment

Sunny Hair accepts bank transfers, Western Union, Money Gram, and all common credit cards (Visa, American Express and MasterCard).

Aside from the shipping cost, if you order outside of Vietnam, the provider of your credit card, intermediary bank, or local bank may charge you a fee of $1 to $10; however, Sunny Hair is not responsible for this fee as you are making a purchase from outside of your locale of residence. If you have questions about this transaction, kindly get in touch with your bank or credit card company.


Payment method from Sunny Hair

Sunny Hair reviews on their return policy

This is the part in Sunny Hair reviews that you should read carefully to avoid mistakes and mishaps in case you want to return the products.
Since this is a genuine human hair product, they are unable to accept returns or exchanges for hair which has been previously worn or washed for hygienic reasons. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Only normal wholesale customers are subject to the 30-day return policy, which starts on the day that an item is successfully delivered to the customer.
  • In order to ensure that you are satisfied with the order or wish to make adjustments (for an additional price), Sunny Hair will send you video clips of the hair before it is delivered.
  • You are in charge of covering any return delivery, customs expense, and duty fees; Sunny Hair disclaims liability for goods lost or damaged by carriers carrying returned goods;

Sunny Hair reviews claim that the return policy is quite straightforward and clear. You must carefully inspect the items before purchasing, though, because there are no returns or exchanges for small purchases.


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