Vietnamese coffee phin the popular traditional coffee

This article explores the history and cultural significance of Vietnamese coffee phin, a traditional coffee brewing method in Vietnam that has gained popularity worldwide for its unique taste and simplicity. The article also provides a step-by-step guide on how to use a Vietnamese coffee phin and recommends some popular Vietnamese coffee brands.

1. The definition of Vietnamese coffee phin

Vietnamese coffee phin is a small, metal coffee filter used in Vietnam to make traditional Vietnamese coffee. It consists of a perforated plate that sits on top of a coffee cup, a chamber for the ground coffee, and a screw-down press that holds the coffee in place while hot water is poured over it. The slow-drip brewing process produces a strong, bold coffee that is typically served with sweetened condensed milk.

The name “Vietnamese coffee phin” comes from the use of traditional Vietnamese coffee making tools, the phin. The filter is a compact metal coffee filter, consisting of two main parts, the filter and the lid. The use of filter to make coffee has become a typical culture of Vietnamese people and is loved in many countries around the world.

2. History and tradition of drinking Vietnamese coffee phin

Vietnamese coffee phin dates back to the French colonial period in Vietnam. It has become an important part of Vietnamese culture and tradition, representing the country’s unique coffee culture.

2.1. Vietnamese coffee phin drinking history

Vietnam has a long history of coffee cultivation, dating back to the French colonial period in the late 19th century. However, it was not until the early 20th century that coffee became a popular drink in Vietnam, especially in the southern region where the climate was suitable for coffee farming.

The tradition of drinking coffee in Vietnam was influenced by both French and Vietnamese culture. The French introduced coffee to Vietnam and brought with them their coffee culture, including the use of a coffee filter, or “phin” in Vietnamese, which became the preferred brewing method in Vietnam.

Over time, Vietnamese coffee phin culture developed its own unique characteristics, with the addition of sweetened condensed milk and ice to create the popular drink known as “ca phe sua da” (Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk). This drink became especially popular during the hot summer months in Vietnam.

In addition to its refreshing taste, Vietnamese coffee phin is also deeply ingrained in the social fabric of Vietnam, with coffee shops and street vendors serving as gathering places for friends, colleagues, and families. It is common to see people drinking coffee and chatting for hours on end, with the pace of life in Vietnam often revolving around coffee breaks.

Today, Vietnamese coffee phin has gained popularity around the world, with its unique brewing method and strong, flavorful taste attracting coffee lovers from all corners of the globe, which also made coffee from Vietnam become popular.


Vietnamese coffee phin drinking history

2.2. How to drink Vietnamese coffee phin in the right way of the local people

Phin coffee is a popular drink in Vietnam and loved all over the world. The traditional method of brewing phin coffee is to use a small metal filter placed over a cup or glass. Here’s how to drink phin coffee like a local:

  • Choose the right coffee: The quality of the coffee beans is crucial to making a great cup of Vietnamese coffee phin. Locals often prefer Robusta coffee, which has a strong flavor and high caffeine content. Make sure to choose freshly roasted and ground coffee beans.
  • Prepare the filter: Place the filter over your cup or glass. Add a spoonful of coffee powder into the filter and press down with the tamper. This will create a layer of compacted coffee inside the filter.
  • Add hot water: Boil water to about 200°F (93°C). Pour a small amount of hot water into the filter to wet the coffee powder and wait for 30 seconds to brew. Then, pour hot water into the filter until it reaches the rim.
  • Wait for the coffee to drip: Coffee will slowly drip through the filter, taking about 5-10 minutes. Don’t rush this process, as it can affect the flavor of the Vietnamese coffee phin.
    Stir the coffee: After all the water has dripped through the filter, remove the tamper and stir the coffee to mix the condensed milk and coffee together.
  • Enjoy your coffee: Savor the rich, strong flavor of Vietnamese coffee phin. It’s often served with ice, so feel free to add some if you like.
    Clean up: After enjoying your coffee, rinse the filter with hot water and let it dry. Store it in a dry place until next use.

Remember that drinking Vietnamese coffee phin isn’t just about the taste, but also about the experience and coffee-drinking habits of the Vietnamese people. It’s a simple yet significant part of daily life in Vietnam.

Additionally, to enjoy Vietnamese coffee phin the way locals do, you should try it with condensed milk or sugar combined with ice for an authentic Vietnamese experience. If you don’t like your coffee sweetened, you can add a bit of ice water to reduce the bitterness.

Finally, remember that Vietnamese coffee phin isn’t just a beverage, but also a part of Vietnamese coffee culture. Drinking phin coffee like a local can help you understand more about the culture and lifestyle of the Vietnamese people.

3. Why is the Vietnamese coffee phin so popular

The Vietnamese coffee phin is popular for a few reasons:

  • Strong and flavorful: The Vietnamese coffee phin is often made with Robusta beans, which have a higher caffeine content and a more robust flavor than Arabica beans, and are a popular coffee from Vietnam.
  • Simple and convenient process: The process of using a phin to make coffee is simple and can be done anywhere, making it a convenient and accessible option for many people. The phin is small and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go, and the process of making coffee with a phin is relatively quick and straightforward.
  • Long and rich history: Drinking coffee with a phin is an important part of this culture. It is often enjoyed with sweetened condensed milk and served over ice, making it a refreshing and delicious treat on a hot day. The tradition of Vietnamese coffee phin has been passed down from generation to generation and is an integral part of daily life in Vietnam.

Why is the Vietnamese coffee phin so popular

4. The difference of Vietnamese coffee phin with other types of coffee

Vietnamese filter coffee, also known as Vietnamese coffee phin, is different from other types of coffee in several ways:

  • Brewing Method: The brewing method for Vietnamese coffee phin involves using a small metal filter placed on top of a cup or glass. The coffee is brewed slowly and the process can take up to 5-10 minutes. This slow process results in a strong, bold coffee that is often enjoyed with condensed milk or sugar.
  • Roasting: Vietnamese coffee phin is often roasted with butter or oil, which gives it a unique flavor profile. This roasting technique can create a slightly smoky, nutty, and chocolatey taste that sets it apart from other types of coffee.
  • Type of Beans: Vietnamese coffee phin is often made from Robusta beans, which have a higher caffeine content and a more bitter taste than Arabica beans. Robusta beans are more commonly grown in Vietnam and are cheaper than Arabica beans, making them a more affordable option for many people.
  • Serving Style: Vietnamese coffee phin the popular traditional coffee is often served with condensed milk or sugar, which gives it a sweet, creamy taste. It is also traditionally served over ice, making it a refreshing drink on a hot day.

Overall, the combination of the brewing method, roasting technique, type of beans, and serving style all contribute to the unique taste and popularity of Vietnamese coffee phin.

5. Where to find Vietnamese coffee phin

Vietnamese coffee phin can be found in various places, depending on where you live. Here are some options:

  • Online retailers: You can find Vietnamese coffee phin on online retailers like Amazon, eBay, or speciality coffee shops. Check for how much is a coffee in Vietnam here.
  • Vietnamese speciality stores: Vietnamese speciality stores in your local area may carry Vietnamese coffee phin.
  • Vietnamese coffee shops: Many Vietnamese coffee shops offer Vietnamese coffee phin for sale. You can ask the staff or owner where you can buy one.
  • Local markets: Some local markets, especially those with an Asian or Vietnamese focus, may sell Vietnamese coffee phin.
  • Travelling to Vietnam: If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, you can easily find Vietnamese coffee phin at local markets or coffee shops. They also make great souvenirs to bring back home.

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